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Thunderstrike 2 : The First Firmware Worm Able to Infect Mac PC’s

Thunderstrike 2From many years Mac computers are considered to be the safest computer which is free from vulnerabilities but unfortunately it is a bad news for the Mac users that their computer is no more safe. After a long time researcher have recently found a worm which is known as Thunderstrike 2 which can also invade Mac computers and it has disappoint many users. Previously we only know that the Windows based PC can only be infected by this threat but now it is clear that it can also infect the Mac as well. Thunderstrike 2 is a kind of firmware worm which every Mac users should know about. So in this section we will discuss about this latest vulnerability of Mac computer and also try to find out how we can prevent this.

“Hier soir je télécharger un jeu de certains sites en ligne et après que mon ordinateur démarre de répondre à balayage weirdly.after i trouvé qu’il était infecté par le virus. i essayé de mon mieux pour éliminer la menace, mais je ne peux pas enlever ite. Est-il possible de supprimer complètement l’infection?”

Eh bien, ne vous inquiétez pas! Si votre PC est infecté par tout type de virus, vous pouvez supprimer le virus facilement après avoir lu ce post.

What is Thunderstrike 2 and how it attacks the Mac?

Thunderstrike 2 is a kind of firmware worm which attacks the essential part which is responsible for launching the operating system and booting the PC. In Windows system it includes the basic input output system (BIOS) while in the Mac it is extensible firmware interface (EFI). So these kinds of threat creates vulnerability in the EFI or BIOS of the infected system and if it is not defended then it can be used by some malicious program like Firmware worm. This nasty PC threat can easily spread it from one computer to another so users are suggested to remove Thunderstrike 2 as they detect it. Firmware generally exist outside of the operating system so it can’t be scanned or it cannot be removed by OS re-installation. This make it harder to find the threat and remove it. However you an use the Cryptographically signing to prevent this threat. By using this way nothing would be get installed on your system which doesn’t contains Apple security signature.

Thunderstrike 2 use the similar concept of the previous vulnerability which is known as bad USB that let the attackers to reprogram almost any kind of USB device to infect the hardware of the system. So it means that it can spread without using the Internet. Because it is down-loadable it can also be transmitted by using the Option ROM, the accessory firmware called by some peripherals such as Thunderbolt adapter. System EFI were previously also attacked by using some peripherals. So if you want to keep your Mac safe against then don’t click on unknown links or attached any peripheral device until you fully trust it. In order to remove Thunderstrike 2 you can re-flash the firmware chips.

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