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Since last few days I was experiencing lots of unexpected difficulties in operating my laptop. Actually one month ago I had made use of a pen drive to transfer my college project on my Lappy. Since then I began to face obstacles in accessing my gif images. Also it was hanging miserably probably due to virus attack. Yesterday again when I tried to use my laptop then I was totally shocked to see a message flashing on laptop screen along with a warning alert that your OS is infected with virus due to executing some malicious activities. Thereafter I scanned my Laptop using antivirus and was able to quarantine infected files including gif images. Somehow got rid of virus but my memorable gif images have been deleted. Can it be restored??

Photos are undoubtedly one of the most crucial assets of life having power to bring the individual’s memory back to life. This is the reason as to why they are being used in almost all the spheres of life be it journalism, fashion industry, graphic designing and many more. Now with this widespread usage of digital photography, pictures have became such important part of life that it gets really scaring to just imagine losing them. Nevertheless, several photographers or designers do not always end up playing safe with their respective photos. This ultimately leads to the catastrophic loss of several images. Here in the below stated article discussion about a particular image file format (i.e., GIF) has been dealt which will surely help the unfortunate victims suffering from the photos loss scenario in deleted gif file recovery.

Introduction To GIF Image Files

GIF (i.e., Graphics Interchange Format) is basically a bitmap image format which are basically utilized to process graphical images. This particular image file format has been referred as one of the most comprehensive suited file format regarding creation of several animated images on web. This image file format is highly harmonious with almost all the most utilized web browser applications including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and MS Edge. Now though because of all such effective characteristics features, the format seems highly applicable as well as trustworthy but it is hardheartedly informed that as nothing in this world is totally perfect, thus it is also not. Unfortunate scenario can lead negative influences to this file format also.

GIF Photo Recovery : Causes Tending To The Loss/Deletion Of GIF Images 

  • Interruption while transferring the GIF images from one source to another leads to the loss of GIF images in large extent.
  • Corruption of files deletes them.
  • Emptying the Recycle Bin utilizing ‘Empty Recycle Bin’ option on the Recycle Bin without going through or checking it’s content once leads to the deletion of complete data present in the Recycle Bin along with the GIF images.
  • Usage of camera at the instant of time while it is showing low battery warning leads to the deletion/corruption of GIF image files stored in it.
  • Usage of the same memory card on distinct device frequently also causes removal of the GIF image files stored in it.
  • virus attack is one of the major factor that results in corruption of .gif images.

Effective Solution To Recover Deleted GIF Photos Even after virus Attack

GIF Photo Recovery Software is a trustworthy tool designed to recover the deleted/corrupted GIF files back. The particular recovery program has been labeled compatible with all the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS. The program being embedded with tons of highly efficient as well as enhance programming skills do includes capability of recovering all the images which have been lost or deleted from any storage devices such as hard drive, external drive, iPod etc. The tool regarding gif picture recovery first of all performs a deep scanning of the entire drive and then finally after the completion of the recovery procedure displays the result on the File type view and the Data view. The results are displayed in a manner that in the File type view, the files are arranged to the file extension whereas in the Data View, they are arranged in the form of Hierarchy.

GIF Photo Recovery Software includes a media edition which is basically designed for deleted gif recovery as well as other media files such as photo, digital Raw photo, video and audio files. This particular edition is basically utilized for creating disk images and their recovery at the instant of time when bad sector is found on the hard drive.

Features Of GIF Photo Recovery Software

  • Very easily recovers several distinct file formats such as audios, videos etc.
  • Retrieve/Recover distinct file format images along with GIF format including TIFF, TIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, PSD etc.
  • Recover RAW image files such as CR2, NEF, DNG, CRW, MRW, ORF, ARW, PEF and 3FR.
  • Recover deleted/corrupted data from several distinct brands of cameras, camcorder, iPods, mobile phones and digital devices.

Specifications Of GIF Photo Recovery Software

System Requirements

For Windows

For Mac


Pentium Class Intel


Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 MacOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6


1 GB RAM 1 GB Minimum

Hard Disk

100 MB of Free Space 100 MB of Free Space

Tutorial On How To Use GIF Photo Recovery Software

For Windows

Steps 1 : First of all download and install the GIF Photo Recovery Software and then run it on the PC.

Step 2 : Secondly connect the media to the computer system and then make selection of ‘Recover Photo, Audio & Video’ tab to recover/retrieve .gif files from any SD card, computer hard drive or external USB drive.

Step 3 : Next select the drive from where the files are to get recovered. Here the external media will get displayed in the list, in case of not then tap ‘Refresh Drive’ button. Further then make selection of the desired drive and tap ‘Scan Now’. To customize the recovery based on file types, tap ‘Advanced Scan’.

Step 4 : Advanced Scan provides the individual with option to scan as per to the file list like Photo. Aside from this, one can also select the data range from the storage device. This option ultimately reduces the scan time.

Step 5 : Tapping ‘Scan Now’ button will show that scanning is in process. The recovered/retrieved files will get listed in a tree structure on the left side of the window panel.

Step 6 : After the completion of the scanning procedure, one can make selection of the files to be previewed and then can tap ‘Recover’ button for saving it to the computer system.

Step 7 : Lastly make selection of the desired location on the system for saving the recovered files.

Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

For Mac

Step 1 : Firstly download and install GIF Photo Recovery Software and run it on the system.

Step 2 : Next, tap ‘Recover Photo, Audio & Video’ button for recovering lost or deleted audios, photos & video files.

Step 3 : All the drives and attached media get listed. Make selection of the desired drive or external media and then tap ‘Scan Now’ button for initializing the scanning process.

Step 4 : The recovery program will make search of all the multimedia files from the selected drive or media while scanning.

Step 5 : After the completion of the scanning procedure, all the files found in the selected volume, hard drive or several other connected storage media will get listed. Tap ‘Recover’ button regarding desired GIF Photo Recovery.

Compatible with MacOS Sierra 10.12/10.11/ 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6