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Smart Hard Disk Error 301 has Deleted MTS Video Files from HP Laptop

ytytyt (1)Have you deleted MTS video files due to Hard disk error 301 from your HP Laptop? Well, don’t worry this article will guide you with effective steps to recover mts files. HP is one of the known and trusted manufacturer of laptop and it is used by many users across the globe. But as like other digital gadgets it is also prone to issue and smart hard disk error 301 is one of them. If you own a HP laptop then you can come across this error and if its is not solved soon then it can delete all the files present on the hard disk including the MTS video files. MTS video files is one of the best video file format which is used by most of the electronic device like camera, camcorder etc. To save those videos from getting lost we save it in our laptop or PC but what if the laptop get smart hard disk error 301 and all the files get deleted which includes your favorite MTS video file too. Apart from the error 301 there are many other reason which can result in the lost of your mts video files.

Some of the common cause behind deletion of mts files

  • Formatting drives in laptop can delete all mts video files
  • Accidentally deletion of mts video files
  • Presence of virus in the PC can corrupt the mts files
  • Interruption while sharing the files from one medium to other
  • Sudden system shutdown can also corrupt and make the files inaccessible

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In order to fix the error 301 the first thing which you can do is to remove and reconnect the hard disk drive. If the problem not solved and you are still having the smart hard disk error 301 then try to run the SFC utility. This utility is used to fix most of the windows error. But this cannot recover the mts file. Well if you have still the files in your digital device then you can again access them. But if there is no other backup of the mts files then you can try to do a system restore. If Restoring the system also fails to get back the MTS video files then you can visit the following source to get more on MTS video recovery.

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