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Runtime Error : How To Fix Runtime Error

Runtime Error is one of the annoying experience of computer users which they can face during the execution of a software. Occurrence of this error disturbs our important work and we really get frustrated with that. So if you are also suffering form this error then this post will guide you with easy solution from which you can get rid of this error. But before we proceed for the solution we have to understand about the error and what are the causes of this error. Runtime Error can occur when there is some hardware or software problem which detain the software from running correctly. Presence of this error can make you lose the data of the file on which you were currently working because it can make the file corrupt. Apart from that it can also prevent you from using a feature or it can cause any other program slow working.

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Apart form that some other common causes of this error are running of two such software which are not compatible, computer get infected with virus or malware, appearance of a software bug etc. Users can get the Runtime Error in any event and they don’t have idea how to fix it. Microsoft has provided a coding system that provides numerical codes for runtime errors by the help of which the developer of the software can easily find out the specific issue which software is experiencing. To understand it better lets have an example. If you get a runtime error with code 7 then it means that your computer has no enough memory which is needed by the software. Apart from that there are several other numerical code comes within the error message which make it easy to find out the specific reason of the error.

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How to fix the Runtime Error

If you are also suffering from the error then in order to solve it open the task manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del together. In the task manager you can see the running program. Now open the “Processes” tab and sort the list by user name. Sometime the error caused due to conflict of the program so you can remove the program which is causing the conflict. In the process tab stop the running program and after stopping each program find that you are receiving the error or not. So that way you can find the specific program which cause the error and remove it. Apart from that malicious program can tamper the computer setting and cause the error. So, fix Runtime errors and scan your PC with the help of best software and remove those malicious program.

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