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Resolved Laptop Hibernation and Standby Issues

sleep problemsHowever Laptop users can face many issues but today we are going to discuss about one of the most infuriating problem Hibernation and Standby issues. It is one of the common issue which has disturbed many computer users. Hibernation is the process in which the data of memory is saved to the disk before its shut down so that when your computer awake again then you don’t have to restart it. The standby shifts the computer in a mode where it consume less power and uses only enough power through which it can preserve the content of the RAM. So that system can awake without go through a full restart. Sometime this power management features often create problem for many laptop users. So in this guide we will discuss about the problem related to hibernation and also try to find out its troubleshooting.

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Laptop won’t wakeup from Hibernation

computer-hibernate-on-its-ownIt is the worst issue related with the hibernation or standby. In this issue when user put their laptop in hibernation mode then it get completely dead. Even the key which are used to awake the computer from hibernation mode doesn’t work at all. So if you also get stuck in this situation then first of all don’t get panic. Some computer takes long time approx 30 sec to wakeup. If the PC doesn’t start after a long time then press and hold the power button for few second because sometime doing this will make the PC reboot and awake from the hibernate mode. A clash between the Windows power management and BIOS power management become the cause behind hibernation wakeup failure. so you can do some changing in different settings in the BIOS and find out if the problem is solved or not. Many laptops have an [Fn] key so you can press in combination with other keys to control specific features especially power management. But if doing this also goes waste then at last remove the batteries from your laptop and replace it after few minute.

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USB device won’t wake PC up from hibernation mode

computer-stays-in-sleep-modeIt is also a common issue related with the standby or hibernation. Sometime any external USB device like keyboard or mouse is attached with the Laptop and if you put your laptop in the hibernation mode then pressing any key or moving the mouse will awake the computer but some time these USB device also fails to wakeup the PC. So if you are also facing such a problem then you must know that there are several type of hibernation state and the USB peripheral can only awake the PC hen it is in the Suspend state not in the hibernation state. So if you are trying to awake your PC from USB peripheral when it is in hibernation mode then it will not work for you. In that case you can only awake your PC using set of power management like pressing its power button. In some cases the problem occurs when the PC card is reinserted since the PC has been last restarted. So in this situation remove and reinsert the PC card ad then try to use standby mode. You can get more about this :

Black screen or errors when resuming after Hibernation

Windows-resume-loaderSometime resuming the PC after hibernation users can face different type of problem like appearance of black screen, not working of the start menu or occurrence of blue screen errors. Well, this is one of the common issue related with hibernation which become more annoying when the problem persists continue. This problem can occurs on the laptop due to AGP or PCI video cards which uses the generic video drivers that comes with the OS. The issue is because of the generic video driver which doesn’t supports the hibernation mode. Users can also get the error with some other video drivers too especially on those type of laptop which don’t uses branded video driver that don’t supports ACPI or ACM. In order to solve the errors you can switch to new video driver or one that is especially designed for the video card. Without updating the video drivers you can’t use the hibernate on your PC. So it is better to turn off the hibernation support before you unless you update the driver. You can turn off the hibernation supports by going in to the power management through the control panel.

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A program or device prevents Standby

images (1)In this problem Windows refuses to enter in standby and users can get error message. Many users think that closing all the running application will fix the issue but all these effort can go to waste. Let us find out what is the exact reason behind this annoying error. Well, some devices or program which are not ACPI compliant or with outdated driver can cause this problem. To solve the problem search for a file which is named as Nohiber.txt in your main Windows folder. If you found the file then it will give you the hint about which device or program is preventing the PC from entering the hibernation mode. Some removal devices and PC card can also cause the error. So you can try after disconnecting all the peripherals. Apart from that some inbuilt device of the laptop can also cause th e problem like network card if they are disabled in the device manager. So you can try after enabling those types of inbuilt device.

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