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Resolve the Latest Errors Related with HP Laptop PCs

HP is known as a trusted brand in the field of Laptop and related accessories manufacturing. It has produce several types of wonderful laptops which has make our task easy. But unfortunately there are some issue also related with HP laptops which can severely interrupts your work. Being a laptop user you must have come across the situation when you are doing some important work and suddenly the computer stops from respond. These are the very annoying moments which a Laptop user can face. So today we are going to discuss some common errors which are faced by HP laptop users and also try to find out its solution.

Operating System Not Found” Error

Operating System Not Found Error Message is one of the annoying error which is faced by HP laptop users. Generally this message appears on a black screen. As the user try to start there laptop this message get displayed on their screen. Getting this error indicate that there should be some software or hardware issue in your laptop. One of the most commonly seen reason behind the Operating System Not Found” Error Message is hard drive is not detected by the BIOS. If there is a loose connection of the hard drive then the BIOS fails to detect the hard drive. So you can try to check whether the hard drive is properly connected or not. Apart from that there should be some more reason behind this error like physically damage of the hard drive, the MBR located on the hard disk is corrupted, not active of the partition or sector which contains the Windows MBR. If you are also suffering from the same error then there are several ways to get rid from it. A hard drive test can tell you whether your hard drive is damaged or not. To do the hard drive test you can follow these steps

  • First connect the AC adapter in to the Notebook
  • Then turn off your PC by holding the power button for few second
  • While you press the power button also press the F10 key until the text is displayed on your laptop screen
  • Once the BIOS Setup Utility is displayed, select the Tools menu.
  • Now select the hard drive test and start the test by pressing the enter key

After following the steps hard drive test will begin and and if get fails in any test then it means that your hard drive is damaged which you can replace and you have to re-install operating system.

System Fan (90b) error message on startup

System Fan (90b) error is one of the most annoying issue which a HP user can face. The error generally occurs when you startup your laptop. After the message displayed it says to press enter otherwise the system will shut down and as the user press the enter key they will again get the System Fan (90b) message. If you are also facing this troublesome error then no need to worry because there are several ways to fix this issue and we will tell you about that. Getting this error indicates that there is some problem arise in the heat removal system. There should be two possible problem, first one is that the system fan is not spinning properly and the second one is the high temperature of the inside case and the fan is not spinning on the enough speed to remove the heat. Now you must think about what to do to resolve this issue. Well if you are getting this error then try to check if the fan is giving warm air or not. If you are getting warm air then you can open the fan and clean the dust buildup on it. Try restarting after removing the dust. If the problem still persist then you can try to resolve it by performing a hard reset. Performing a hard reset will reset the memory thermal values and enables you to use your laptop again. Apart from that you will have to ensure that the following things are addressed

  • Remove dust from all the internal cooling components
  • Make sure that the wires of fan are securely connected with the motherboard
  • If the fan is not spinning properly and making noise then replace it
  • Replace the old thermal components with the new one.

Boot Device Not Found Error or Hard Drive Not Detected

While starting your HP laptop you can gte the Boot Device Not Found Error or Hard Drive Not Detected. It is also one of the disturbing problem which users have to face. There should be several reason why your PC is giving these error. Some of the issue can be solved without replacing its parts while in other issue you will have to change the faulty part. The common bootable devices are external USB, hard drive, optical CD/DVD, network adapter etc. As you start the system it checks every device for the file which is required for boot and if one device fails it check for other available one. But in the case if the computer check all the bootable device and unable to find the required bootable file then it will display the error message. If you are also trouble with the boot device error then you can try some troubleshooting tips like Perform a hard reset, restore the BIOS default setting, Test the hard drive by using the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI etc. If these troubleshooting steps get fails then you can try to reseat the hard drive. To reseat the hard drive you can use the following steps.

  • Turn off the computer by pressing the power button for few second
  • Remove the battery and disconnect the power cable
  • Now reconnect your internal hard drive after disconnecting it
  • Once the computer is reassembled and hard drive is reconnected then start the PC normally

If the computer start without displaying the error message then you are done, but if the error still present then backup your data and perform system recovery on your notebook.

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