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Remove the Dangerous KeRanger Ransomware from Mac computer

Mac-Ransomware-KeRanger-Strikes-On-Apple-Machines-4This is the first time ever that some ransomware is developed for the Mac computers. Many users can’t believe that virus can also invade the Mac computer, but it is true. A ransomware which is known as KeRanger has come in the knowledge which can attack Mac computers. Ransomware is already a growing problem which encrypts users data stored on the system and held for ransom. Ransomware is another form of computer virus which is developed to earn revenue by scaring users and it is unfortunate that Mac is also vulnerable to it. KeRanger also encrypt files of the targeted system and demands a ransom instead of giving the decryption key. The KeRanger is designed so that it can easily break the Apple’s Gatekeeper and also because it have the the development certificate of Mac apps. The ransomware don’t suddenly displays its malicious activity, it wait for about three days and then start encrypting all kinds of the files and changed their extension with some weird name.

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fig7-500x236The Ransomware can also process some other malicious operation on the system which can arise some more dangerous issues in it. It is also able to hijack your default browser after which the KeRanger alter its setting. Not only that this infection also downloads some other malware on the system and create a havoc on it together. Apart from that the threat also creates a ransom note which is titled as README_FOR_DECRYPT.txt in each and every encrypted folder. The ransom notes displayed by the KeRanger contains information about how to decrypt the files and how to make the payment. Inside the payment note users will get the address of the site which they have to visit to pay the ransom and it also stats that you have to must visit the site if you want the decryptor key. Once the users visit the website as mentioned in the ransom note they will give the instruction to pay the ransom. After the user pay the ransom it will display Decrypt 1 file free option to free their files.

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But, as reported by the professional they decryption key doesn’t work and their files remain encrypted. So be aware of this threat because it can get installed in your system by hiding behind some legitimate software which has got the Apple certificate. However, the Apple has take prevention steps to stop the threat in future but if the computer is already has infected with the KeRanger Ransomware then this will do nothing to protect the system. Some security experts has provide removal steps but it is not easy to execute them, so it should be better to go with some other alternative.

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