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Recover MP4 video files after Hard Disk Error in HP Laptop

image (16)Have you lost your favorite MP4 video files from your HP laptop after Hard Disk Error? If yes then no need to worry because this post will guide you how to recover mp4 files after hard disk error? MP4 is a kind of multimedia container format which is known for delivering clarity video output and it is used by various multimedia devices like smartphone, digital cameras, iPod , PSP etc. We use to store lots of our favorite MP4 files which we take from digital devices or loaded from Internet. No one want to lose their mp4 video files in any condition but it is unfortunate that sometime we lost our mp4 files due to several reasons and Hard Disk Error is one of the common reason behind the deletion of mp4 videos from your HP laptop. As a user you must know that how bad it feels after losing your favorite MP4 file. Apart from Hard Disk Error there should be many reason behind the lost of mp4 files. Some common reasons are described below.

  • Accidentally deleting MP4 videos by by pressing “Shift + Delete” key together
  • Interruption while transferring videos file from one storage device to another
  • If the mp4 file is infected with virus then the antivirus software can delete it while scanning
  • Unintentionally formatting the storage device in which the mp4 videos are stored
  • Corruption in the storage media can also lead to the lost of mp4 files

Generally the hard drive error indicate the issue with data, sector and physical disk on the hard drive. If you are also getting this error then you can perform a hard drive diagnostic test to verify the condition of the hard disk. But if you have created a backup of your MP4 files then you can easily restore them. But in the case if you don’t have a backup available then don’t be upset, because there are still several ways to recover lost MP4 files. You can take the help of some reliable third party software to get back your lost or deleted MP4 files which you have lost due to Hard Disk Error from your HP laptop.

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