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Problems Generated by Malware in Dell laptop and How to Fix it

Are you suffering from unwanted issues in your Dell laptop due to malware attack? If yes then you have reached the right spot. Here, you will get all the instructions through which you can get rid those issue and protect your computer from the malware. Well, malware and virus can easily sneak into any laptop or computer and you doesn’t have any information about it. If your laptop gets infected by virus or malware then you will experience weird activities on your Laptop. These malware are getting strong day by day and removing them is also not an easy task to do. There are several kinds of security program available but some of the threats are designed by using complicated technique and they can invade the security system. After they get installed in the laptop then they can execute various kind of malicious operation which can put your computer at a high risk. In many cases users are responsible for letting the virus come into their PC because they show careless behavior while using of Internet. Usually these types of PC threat are attached with some freeware, Spam email attachments, infected removal device, unknown URL, ads and pop-ups.

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Symptoms which indicates presence of malware in the laptop

  • Occurrence of fake system warning message
  • Unable to open the EXE or MSI files
  • Facing inability to change system settings like Wallpaper
  • Empty of start>program entries and the C drive goes blank
  • Antivirus doesn’t work or its icon get disappeared
  • Getting random pop-up and ads within the browser
  • Erroneous start menu, Unusual icons and Device Manager entries appear
  • Appearance of error message on the screen

Instructions to remove the malware from your Laptop

If you are also facing issue in your Dell laptop because of the malware then in order to remove them the first thing which you can do is to disconnect your laptop from Internet. After that boot your PC in the safe mode. Starting in safe mode will load only few program and if there is some virus or malware then it will also stop. After running your PC in safe mode if you find that it is running faster than in normal mode then it means that your computer is infected. Next steps which you can do to remove the virus is by deleting your temporary files. You can do it through the Disk Cleanup utility. Apart form keep your antivirus updated.

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