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Problems With Dell Desktop Monitors and Laptop Screens

There is no doubt that Dell is one of the most trusted company in the field of Laptop manufacturing. It has produce numbers of models time to time which are accepted by many users worldwide. Apart from all the features which it provides there are some issues also related with Dell laptop. Today we are going to discuss about the Problems With Dell Desktop Monitors and Laptop Screens and we will try to find out its resolution. It is very infuriating issue when you are doing making some important project which you have to submit next day and suddenly your laptop or desktop monitors start misbehaving. So in this article we will try to configure some screen related problems in dell laptop or desktop.

1. Laptop LCD Screen is Black or Blank

Turning out of LCD screen black or blank is a measure problem related with dell laptops. Users who are suffering from this issue when try to turn on their laptop the screen will stay black. You will be shocked to see that all things will work properly. You can hear the sound of the running fan, charger light is on but the screen stays black or blank. Many users try to open their laptop after restarting it, but the problem remains the same. The reason behind this problem is the corruption of system file which is preventing your operating system from loading and which results in the Black or Blank screen. Restarting the computer can resolve the black screen problem if the issue is temporary. You can Check the A/C adapter’s power indicator light if there is no light then you can try with a good A/C adapter. Apart from that you can test the LCD in the system setup. To do that you can follow the below mentioned steps.

  • First turn your computer off
  • After turning on the computer continuously press the F2 key until the you see the BIOS
  • Now Look for distortion,lines or any other display issues you have observed within the System Setup.
  • Try to run the laptop in Enable VGA Mode
  • If video which is seen in the BIOS or the LCD BIST passes, proceed for the the next step
  • After that you can connect with an external monitor

2. Lines, Fuzzy, Color or Blurry Issues

Getting Lines, Fuzzy, Color or Blurry problems in the Dell laptop screen is also an annoying issue which is faced by many users. In this problem when users try to start their system they will get fuzzy lines on their screen. Apart from that there are several similar issue like crossing of colors, blurry and more. For some time the problem get resolve by starting the computer but after few days the problem becomes permanent and it can appear every minute. This is really a disturbing issue which can interrupt important works. Sometime the problem arise due to loose cable connection which can be resolved by changing the cable. After using all the mentioned steps if you are still getting the Lines, Fuzzy, Color or Blurry Issues in your Dell Laptop then don’t worry. We have provide some troubleshooting steps by following which you can resolve the issue.

  • First make sure that BIOS and video drivers are installed
  • You can test the LCD in system set-up
  • Set your video setting to default.
  • You can connect with external monitor
  • Check whether the LCD is damage or not. If yes then change it.

Apart from that you can also try to run the Laptop LCD Built-In Self Test. To run the Laptop LCD Built-In Self Test you can follow the below mentioned steps.

  • First Turn off the computer
  • Press and hold the D key while pressing the power button.
  • This will start the Laptop LCD BIST.
  • After that multiple flashing colors display on the screen
  • Look for lines, distortion, or any other video issues you have observed
  • Once the test is complete the Laptop will restart automatically

3. Touch screen may have intermittent issues or stop working due to power management settings

Dell has produce several laptops which comes with touch screen. Whether touchscreen makes work easier for us there are some issues also which comes related with it. Users can face disturbing situation when the display of touchscreen will not work once it is turned off by power management. Apart from that sometime the touchscreen become inoperative and it starts running intermittent. If you are also getting such kind of problems then it can be resolved by adjusting the power setting from device manager under Human interface Devices devices. To do this process you can follow the below mentioned instructions.

  • First open the device manager in your Laptop
  • Now click on the arrow which is next to the Human interface Devices
  • After that you will see two items listed as USB device
  • Now Right click on each USB Device and in the drop down menu click on properties
  • Click on the power management tab in USB device properties
  • In the power management uncheck the “Allow the computer to turn this device off to save power” box.
  • Now repeat all the steps for the second USB device also
  • Reboot the system after completing all steps

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