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Get Rid of a Virus when Computer Won’t Boot

images (1)However, there are variant kind of malware and virus which has disturb computer users but some of then are so dangerous that they didn’t make the system reboot or start normally. If you have also faced such type of virus and searching about how to get rid of a virus when computer won’t boot then it is the perfect place for you. Here, in this post we will discuss about the kind of viruses which can cause this problem and try to find out its troubleshooting steps. So whenever you are doubtful that your office system is infected with these kind of threat then you have to immediately take steps towards it otherwise it can spread into other computer through servers as they spread very fast from one system to another. Once the virus enter in your PC then it can cause several kind of issues into it which put it to high risk and sometime the computer get crashed.

“Ist Ihr Computer startet nicht nach Sever Virenbefall ? Suchen Sie über die Lösung dieses Problem zu beheben und den Virus zu entfernen?”

Wenn ja, dann wird dieser Beitrag, den Sie guid mit einfachen Schritten, durch die man den Virus von Ihrem Computer entfernen können.

1204-f8-safe-mode-100532433-largeBut you don’t have to worry because here are some steps which you can take to get rid of a virus when computer won’t boot. First of all unplug the network cable from the infected system. This step will prevent the virus from spreading from one computer to other and also prevent the threat from re-downloading itself as they has the potential to do it. After that turn on your PC and press F8 continuously till the Window boot menu appear. Now by using the arrow key select the “safe mode” and press “enter”. Once the system is boot in the safe mode then the Windows only loads those drivers which are necessary to start the operating system. Starting the system in safe mode will sometime gives the option to solve the issue directly. But in some case the infected computer will not start in safe mode so users are advised to skip the “Reinstall Windows” section.

Apart from that you can try to clean the traces and then start the PC into safe mode. Now reboot the computer and watch if the Windows loads normally or not. If the Windows starts normally then it is good news otherwise the best option to how to get rid of a virus when computer won’t boot is to re-install the operating system. Before uninstalling the operating system you must have to backup all your data present on the system to some other storage device. You can re-install the operating system by inserting the Windows installation disc into the DVD drive and following the screen instruction.

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