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Get Rid of Scam Tech Support Calls that Installs Viruses on Computer

windows-tech-support-scam-709x381Have you ever get Tech Support Calls even your computer or Laptop is working well? Well, it is a new trick used by cyber criminals to install virus on the victims computer. There are many users who reported that they received a unknown call which wants to help them to fix their PC issue even their computer has no issue. In this article we are going to discuss about such kind of scam which is used to install virus and ,malware in the computer instead of help. To make users easily believe on it the call is claimed to be from some reputed software company like Microsoft. Users can shocked to heard their names by the caller who is a fake tech support. However it is easy to get the name and number because they are easily available in phone directories. Moreover the scammer can also make a perfect guess of the operating system which victim is using. So it is advised that do not believe on such scam tech support calls.

“Letzte Nacht bekomme ich einen Anruf Tech Support und ich gebe den Zugang von meinem PC mit dem Anrufer. Danach mein PC ist schlecht benimmt. Ich denke, dass Betrug Tech-Support-Anruf war das Virus auf meinem Computer installiert hat. Wie kann ich dieses viru loswerden?.”

Na ja, kein Grund zur Sorge, nach dem Lesen dieses Artikels Sie werden in der Lage sein, Virus zu entfernen, die von den Betrügern installiert ist.

imagesAs user will receive the scam tech support calls the caller will start replying that their system is sending some error message and they have found virus on it. Apart from that the scammer will also tell that the virus can only be removed by the help of a tech support. But before they give any tips they will need the permission to access of your PC. Most of the user get convinced and they allow the access to the caller. After that the so called tech support will run a scan on the system and tells about the details that how the PC get infected. After completing scan the scammers will offer to remove the virus and for that it demands fee. For completing the transaction they also need the details of your credit card.

But the twist is that who allows the access to the scam tech supporters even they paid the fee or not will get several kinds of difficulties in the PC. Some of the users reported that they are notable to turn on their computer and some says that files become inaccessible. Some of the user when take their PC for repair the technician has reported that there are virus installed in the PC. So if you also want to get rid of scam tech support calls then use the following prevention methods

  • Never give access of your computer to such fraud calls
    Never provide your financial information to the caller
  • If the access is already has given then change the password immediately
  • Take the scammer information and report it

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