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Get Rid from Memory card Locked Error on Laptop

imageAre you also getting the memory card locked error while you attached in your Laptop? If so then you have reached the right spot. Here you will get all the information regarding the very error and how to resolve it. Well, you are not the single person who is getting the memory card locked error. There are many users who are suffering from this arduous issue. Memory card is the best portable removable storage device which can be used in the different electronic device to store lots of data. If someone is using memory card in their device that means it contains lots of valuable data and it is not affordable to lose them. Memory card Locked is also refereed as write protected memory card which is a situation in which users are not allowed to edit and save any kind of data on the memory card. If this issue is not solved soon then the data stored on it can become corrupt any time.

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How to fix the Memory card locked error

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Memory cards comes with a physical switch which is present on the left side of the card. This switch is specially given to unlock and lock writing process of the memory card according to the need of user. So you can also use that switch to unlock the card. However, it happens many time with users that they found the lock or unlock switch broken and they become unable to acess the file. Broken of the switch means that the card cannot be used to write which means it is locked. Apart from that there are many other reason which are responsible for the memory card locked error such as using the card on multiple device, continue abrupt removal of the card, virus attack, damage of the memory card etc.

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Moreover, the locked memory card can become corrupted if user try to perform tasks like formatting the locked card on PC or checking the locked card in different operating system whether the data stored on this is accessible. The only thing which can get you rid from memory card locked error is backup. If you have copied the data of the memory card on some other storage media then you can easily get them. But there are number of users who don’t even think about creating backup of there valuable data and when they get stuck in this situation they become desperate about retrieving their data.

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