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Fix There is Not Enough Memory to Start Wsock32.dll error

Are you facing There is not enough memory to start Wsock32.dll error in your windows computer? Don’t know how to fix this error? Well, don’t get worry because we are here to help you out. Wsock32.dll error message are one among those annoying message which Windows users doesn’t want to face ever. Wsock32.dll and other similar error message can appear on your system if your PC got infected by MTX or Matrix virus. However this error can occur due to the damage or missing of the Wsock32.dll file on your system but the main reason behind it is the MTX or Matrix virus. You can face this error when you try to connect your PC with Internet. You can get this error when you try to run the Windows IP configuration utility. Apart from that you can also face this error when your Windows computer starts or shut down.

Er du over for “Der er ikke tilstrækkelig hukommelse til at starte Wsock32.dll fejl”? Ønsker du en nem løsning til at rette fejlen?

Denne fejl kan opstå på grund af MTX eller Matrix-virus. Du kan løse problemet ved at fjerne virus eller følg dette indlæg.

How to fix the Wsock32.dll error

You can fix the error by replacing the Wsock32.dll file on your system. To do that you can get the Wsock32.dll file from Internet. Then save it on your hard disk. Now go to the c:\Windows\System32 and search the wsock32.dll file on your computer. After that rename the wsock32.dll with wsock32BACKUP.dll. Now copy and paste the newest wsock32.dll into C:\Windows\System3. Finally go to the start menu and type cmd in the run box. Type regsvr32 wsock32.dll and press enter. If this method doesn’t seems to be help you then you can try to update your Windows because it is also a reason behind this error. To update your Windows go to the start menu then click on all programs. After that click on the Windows update and follow the screen pop-up then restart your system. As mentioned above this error can occur due to virus so always try to keep your system protected to make it safe from viruses.

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Registry database of your computer is one of the biggest cause behind the Wsock32.dll error. Registry is a large database which contains all the vital setting and information of your system. Apart form that it is also used to help the computer to read the files, options and setting which its needs to run. We can say that registry is one of the most important part of every Windows computer but it can become corrupted or unreadable also. So you can also try to clean the registry in order to solve the Registry database Wsock32.dll error.

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