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Fix Non-System Disk Error on HP notebook PC

non-systemIf you are an user of a HP notebook then you can come across some annoying errors. However HP is one of the best laptop which is utilizing by many people across the globe but it is also not free from issues. There are many issues which users can suffer while working with their HP notebook in the form of error message and Non-System Disk Error is one of the most infuriating error which can create obstruction in your work. Users can face this error when they power on their PC and it comes with a black screen. Occurrence of this error indicates that your computer BIOS is not able to find the bootable operating system on the hard disk which is included in the computer booth path. If you start any notebook or Pc then it first check for several devices to find an operating system and when it not find the operating system then it can display the error.

How to fix the Non-System Disk Error


Well, if you are also facing the same error then don’t be panic because this post will guide with easy troubleshooting steps through which you can solve the error. In order to fix the issue first make sure that your system is booting from the internal hard drive or not. Because the operating system is installed in the internal hard drive. Also check for that your hard drive is your first boot drive. To do this you can go to CMOS setup by pressing F2 key. When your computer is power on then check that your hard disk is set for priority to your first boot device and also check that your system is detecting your hard disk. In the case if you have more than one drive connected to your system then then you have to select that drive on which the operating system is installed. Generally this is stored on the primary hard drive rather than secondary hard drive. Apart from that you can disconnect other hard drive and left the one one which the operating system is stored and this is the one drive which is connected to your motherboard or system.

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Other possible reason for the Non-System Disk Error is your system will try to load operating system from some removal media instead of the hard drive which is inside your Notebook. So try after removing any kind of removable media like flash drive , camera, memory card and also check that if there any media is inserted on the CD or DVD drives. If the problem still persist then test the hard drive. Most of the PC startup error are caused by some minor error present in the software which controls the files which is stored on the hard drive. So you can run the HP hard drive test. It is able to detect and fix the error but it will not give you detailed report of the process. Before starting the hard drive test make sure that your hard drive is properly connected to your system otherwise it can interrupt the test.

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To self test the hard drive for error you can use the following steps

  • First plug in the AC adapter into your HP laptop
  • Turn off the PC by pressing the power button if it is on
  • After that power on the PC and immediately and keep pressing the F10 key
  • It will open the BIOS setting , now using arrow keys select diagnostic or tool menu
  • Select the hard drive test and press enter to start it

You can also go for the UEFI quick test if you are thinking there is some problem with your hard drive. To do that you can follow the below mentioned steps

  • First of all open the UEFI menu and start the quick test
  • Click on the hard drive in the main menu and click on quick test
  • After that select the run once option
  • To test more than one hard drive select test all hard drives
  • Once the test is complete then you can see the result on your screen

If the test passes successfully then your hard disk is ok but if it fails the test and you are still getting the Non-System Disk Error then it indicates that your hard dive is corrupted or damages, specially its boot sector. So the remedy for this is to repair the installation of the windows which you can do by inserting your windows installation disk. Apart from that you also have to check that whether your hard disk is properly connected by your system or not. Sometime you can get error if there lose connection between the hard drive and system. So open the casing of your computer and check that all the cable are connected well or not. In addition you can remove all the cables and reconnect them to make sure that they are properly connected. If all the instruction failed to solve the Non-System Disk Error then there is only thing which can fix this problem is replacing the hard drive.

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