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Fix Need to Format the Disk in Drive Error Message in Laptop

ttttAre you also facing the Need to Format the Disk in Drive error message when you attach your memory card to Laptop. If yes then this post will guide you with effective instruction to fix the error message. Memory card are the best portable storage device which can contains lots of our important data. It can be used in different digital device to store their data like Digital camera, phones, camcorder etc. But every memory card has a limit and when it get full then we instead of deleting the data we prefer to store them in our computer. But sometime we have to face issues when we attached our memory card to laptop and it start displaying Need to Format the Disk in Drive error message. Well, this is really a difficult situation where we cannot afford to format the card because we never want to lose our precious data. Apart from this error there should be some more reason which can lead to data loss situation so creating a backup of your memory card data is a good thing to prevent data loss situation.

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Some common reason behind data loss from memory card

  • Interruption while transferring data
  • Removing the storage card while data transfer is in progress
  • If the system contains virus then it can result in the loss of data
  • Accidentally pressing the delete button
  • Due to faulty card reader

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youNeedToFormatWell if you are also suffering from the same problem then keep patience because there are several ways through which it can be solved. You will see two option in the Need to Format the Disk in Drive error message box format disk and cancel. Select cancel and go to the start menu of your computer and select My computer from there. After that select the disk drive which was displaying in the error message. After that if you are able to access your files then create a copy of them and format the memory card. After that recopy the files in your memory card. But after doing this if the error still displayed then it might be possible that the card reader which you are using is faulty or not functioning properly. So you can try to use some different card reader. If the problem still appears then it should be possible that the USB port you are using has some issue. So you can try to check the memory card in different USB port. After trying all if you are still getting the error message then visit

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