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Fix iPhone Photos Not Appearing on Mac

iPhone-SE-not-Recognized-by-MacDo you want to store your iPhone pictures on your Mac computer? Is the iPhone Photos Not Appearing on Mac? If yes then don’t get panic because you are not the single one who is facing the issue. iPhone has become the most used smartphone worldwide and its users are increasing day by day. Well, if you are an iPhone user then you must be aware from the fact that it contains lots of excellent features. However it contains several mindblowing features but capturing pictures from iPhone has its own experience. iPhone users like to take pictures of their every special moment with it. But as we know any digital gadget is not safe from data loss and so with iPhone. So being an intelligent user you must create a backup of your special pictures and the safest place for this task is Mac. But sometime when you get shocked when you attach your iPhone with Mac to transfer photos and the photos didn’t appear. If you are also suffering from such situation then you can get solution after reading this post.

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imessage_ipad_mac_iphoneIt is very frustrating for any user that when you go to save your iPhone pictures and connect it to Mac computer then the photo doesn’t appear. If iPhone Photos Not Appearing on Mac then the firs don’t get panic because it can lead to some more issue. In some cases users enable iCloud photo library on their Mac or iPhone then the pictures might be already on your PC. In addition if iPhone Photos Not Appearing on Mac then you can select my photo stream to gain access of your iPhone photos on your system. Apart from that make sure that the iTunes or the photo management software of the iPhone is updated or not. If you are still getting the the same issue then try to update both your iPhone and Mac. But users are advised to do the steps carefully otherwise they can lose their iPhone photos and if there is no backup then the recovery of the iPhone photos become difficult.

If the above mentioned steps doesn’t help you and you are still getting the problem then you can use these steps. You can fix the issue by creating a new photo to import. Connect your iPhone to Mac. Try once again to import iPhone pictures by using your computer photo management program. If still the Mac doesn’t recognize your iPhone then make sure that the iOS support your computer. If all these steps get failed then you can try importing your iPhone pictures on some other system.

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