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Errors occurred in HP laptop due to Virus and how to remove it

image (18)Are you experiencing issues in your Hp laptop due to invasion of virus? If yes then this post will guide you how to get rid of those issues. If you are facing sudden OS corruption, slow or sluggish running of your Laptop or some more related issue then it might be possible that your computer is infected with virus. However there are several kind of security software present in market but some infections are so stubborn that they can easily sneak into your system by breaking all the security walls. Once your HP laptop get infected with virus or malware then it can execute several types of malicious process into it which can cause some serious issue. These types of infections comes attached with some hacked website, Spam email attachments, malicious links, infected files or hardware etc. If a virus is found on your Hp laptop then it can damage or destroy some files on your computer and the antivirus software can not repair the damage in that case the computer need to be fully recovered. You can do it with HP System Recovery. If your laptop is also infected by this threat then you can face many type of problems into it.

Symptoms that your Laptop might be affected by virus

  • It takes long time to boot to the Windows desktop
  • Application will respond slow or not load
  • You can get frequent system error message
  • Browser windows stop responding or close unexpectedly
  • Unexpected and near constant hard disk access.
  • Default search engine has changed
  • Changed browser homepage and it is difficult to reset it
  • Files has been changed or removed

Instructions for removing viruses from your laptop

If you are suffering from such issues in your HP laptop then no need to worry because we will provide steps which can help you prevent your laptop or remove the virus. Well, in order to remove this nasty virus from your computer the first thing which you can do is to turn on your firewall but make sure that you don’t have more than one firewall. To turn on your firewall in your HP laptop open control panel then click on the system and security. Now select the security and maintenance from the list. If you find some security related issues then turn on the firewall. In order to prevent these types of virus you must try to obtain Windows security updates. If you have installed some antivirus then always update it.

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