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Errors Found in Toshiba Laptop and their Solution

tttToshiba is one of the largest manufacturer of laptop and it has been used by many users around the globe. However it is considered as one of the best laptop but users can also face some issues in Toshiba laptop which can ruin their important work. As like other computer if Toshiba laptop is also not handled carefully then users can get several kind of error message on it. Some of the message are not so serious and they disappear automatically but some of them are severe and it can lead your Laptop to dangerous issue. So in this post we will discuss about the most common error which can occur on the Toshiba laptop and how the error can interrupt your work. We will also try to find about the solution to resolve those error. So if you are also suffering from such error message on your laptop then read this post carefully.

Toshiba laptop will not boot, Status 0xc00000e9

image (23)Getting any type of error message in your laptop can be very disturbing and error 0xc00000e9 is one of the most annoying error. Generally this error occurred when the Windows has to shut down due to some kernel problem to prevent the laptop from further damage. If this error is not solved in the limited period of time then it can occur frequently which can result in the total corruption of the system. In order to fix this error you can close the programs which is running in the background of the system. Reducing the numbers of program which starts with the boot of your PC can increase the available memory and it can help you to get faster to the desktop. It is also possible that your laptop is displaying error due to the presence of some malware. So you can try after removing the virus with the help of some security software. Sometime the issue get fixed by just rebooting the laptop so you can also try this step. The Status 0xc00000e9 also displays a message that you are getting this error because any removable storage device is not properly connected. So you can use the following steps to connect the removable device properly

  • First of all remove the battery and unplug the power
  • Open your Laptop and remove the hard disk
  • Now turn off the computer and reinsert the battery and hard drive
  • After turning on the dvd unit immediately expels
  • A message will appear to select the Windows start normally
  • After sometime windows will start up normally

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Toshiba laptop error f3-f100-0003

Error f3-f100-0003 is one of the disturbing error message which you can get while working with your Toshiba laptop. There should be many possible reason behind this very error. If your Windows registry is corrupted then it can compromise the stability of your laptop and you can get the error f3-f100-0003. Apart from that over utilization of the system resources like hard disk, CPU and memory can overload your operating system and it can result in the error f3-f100-0003. In addition you can also get the error due to faulty hard drive or the damaged recovery media. So you can reinstall your computer to the factory setting to fix the error. Before proceeding for factory resetting you must have know that it will wipe out all the data present on the hard disk so before doing that keep a backup of your data. To start factory resetting you can follow the below steps

  • First of all hold the power button of your laptop and switch off it
  • Now press the zero and power key simultaneously
  • Release the zero key once the system start beeping
  • A warning prompt will appear, select YES from it
  • Now select recovery of factory default and click on next
  • After that select recover to the out of box state
  • Click on the next to start recovery

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Toshiba error f3-f100-0010

Toshiba error f3-f100-0010 can occur when you start the laptop or it can also appear when you are normally using it. In some cases the computers screen become blue and after rebooting it the error get displayed. It is very annoying to get this error message when you start up your system. If you are also suffering from this nasty error then don’t be sad because there are some troubleshooting steps through which this error can be fixed. This error is a complete indication that your system is infected by virus. So first of all you should remove the virus by using some reliable security software. If the problem still occurs after removing the virus then proceed for the next step. The next thing which you can try in order to get rid from the error you can boot the computer to clean boot state. To do that follow these steps

  • Start your computer with administrator right
  • Then type msconfig.exe in the stat search box and press Enter
  • If it asks for administration confirmation then provide it
  • Now click on the Selective startup option in the general tab and uncheck the load startup box
  • In the service tab uncheck all the boxes of Hide all Microsoft services
  • After that restart your computer and see the error is fixed or not

But after trying these steps if the error f3-f100-0010 still persist then there is some registry error in your system. If there is something wrong with the registry then the computer will not work properly and it can display several kinds of error message including the Toshiba error f3-f100-0010. So you can try after fixing the registry error.

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