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Error Caused by Virus on MacBook and its Solution

image (1)However there are many types of laptop and computer available today but when we talk about the best then there is nothing like MacBook. It has been accepted by many users that MacBook is one of the safest computer. But it is unfortunate that the MacBook can also get infected with virus and put you in trouble. If your Mac computer get infected by virus or malware then you can get several types of error codes on it. And if these errors are not resolved soon then it can cause serious problem and put your system in critical situation. If any virus or malware gets entry in your MacBook then it can corrupt system files due to which it will display different kinds of error.

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Apart from displaying error message the virus can cause several problems in your system. Presence of virus can make your system unstable, it will start running slow even lead to crash. It will take more time than normal when starting up and shutting down. Virus can also ruin your browsing by redirecting, displaying ads and altering browser setting. In addition it can delete some of your important system file also which can lead to sever issues. Well if your MacBook is also infected by virus or malware then don’t be sad. There are several ways through which can remove the virus and fix related errors from your Mac  OS as well as Windows PC. You can use the following steps to eliminate the virus from your Laptop.

  • Start your system and as an administrator
  • Now click on the start button and select All program
  • After that go to accessories > system tools and then click on system restore
  • Now select restore my computer to previous time and click on next
  • After that go to On this list, click a restore point and select the recent system restore point
  • Click on the next button in the confirmation box
  • Once the restoration complete restart your computer

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A virus can get inside your computer through various ways like when you install some application which you downloaded form unknown site, attach some removal device which is also infected with virus, doing unsafe browsing etc. however you can remove the virus by using the above mentioned removal method, but if you want a safe and secure PC which is free from virus issue then you must be very careful while surfing the Internet.

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