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Dell Unveils Latitude 11 5000, Latitude 12 7000 and Latitude 13 7000 laptops

Dell which is a renowned company in the field of Laptop manufacturing has unveils its latest three new laptop in the Latitude series. It is one of the most extensive commercial product which is design by Dell. These Latitude series is going to give unmatched experience to business professional. It is going to be more thinner and lighter than any previous laptop of dell which make it easy to carry specially for those who are mobile business professional. Dell has designed an outstanding laptop including with Intel which is going to change the way of business. It gets full point when we talk about security, collaboration and productivity. Apart from that the company has also introduced 2-in-1 convertible laptops with a Gold version. According to Dell this laptop series is going to provide essential management features which a business professional requires. In addition Dell has also unveiled that it is going to introduce its first OLED monitor, the Ultra-Sharp 27 InfinityEdge.

Latitude 11 5000

Latitude 11 5000 is one of the best model of the latitude series. The Latitude 11 5000 is going to be launch in three models with different operating system and configuration. It is considered that it is going to replace the previous Venue 11 Pro. This well featured laptop comes with a 10.8-inch 2-in-1 convertible with a full HD display which let you do all your work efficiently without giving pressure to your eye. The performance of this laptop is going to be outstanding because it is powered by Intel’s sixth generation Skylake processor. The Latitude 11 5000 is can be configured with a 4 or 8 GB RAM and it will give you storage capacity of more than 512GB. As like other models of Dell it doesn’t have USB port for charging, instead of that it comes with a USB C port. Even you can connect your external storage device, monitor and other peripheral with this USB C port.

Latitude 12 7000

The Dell Latitude 12 7000 is considered as a sibling of Latitude 11 5000. it is also ready to giving you a unmatched performance with Intel’s latest 6th-gen Core processors. This new Dell laptop runs on the latest Windows operating system Windows 10. it comes with a removable keyboard. It has use the magnesium alloy casing which make it slightly thinner, at 8.11 mm which make it slightly lighter too. It comes with a choice of Core m3, m5, or m7 chips and Intel graphics 515 along with up to 8GB of LPDDR3 memory and up to 512 GB of huge state storage. The Latitude 12 7000 comes with a 12.5-inch display which runs at either 1920 x 1080 resolution or 3840 x 2160 resolution, both comes with Gorilla Glass protection. Its Connectivity includes two USB-C 3.1 with Thunderbolt, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, Blue-tooth 4.1 LE and a SD memory card reader.
It utilizes all the included features very well to give its users best performance.

Latitude 13 7000

Like the above two laptop Latitude 13 7000 is another model of Latitude series that comes loaded with many features and ready to give you a smooth and fast computing experience. The body of this laptop is made up of carbon fiber which looks simple but it gives convenience to users so that they can easily get it with them wherever they want. The keys of this laptop are designed so that they are easily noticeable and gives you a satisfactory result when you press them. This is a small and light weighted laptop by dell which measures only 310 x 215 x 19mm and 1.26 kg in weight. It has even beaten MacBook Air and Lenovo Yoga 900 in the matter of light weight. It comes with three USB ports, SD card, Ethernet, HDMI,USB C for docking and an optional smart card reader. The Dell Latitude 13 7000 is powered with a Skylake Intel Core I-series processors which can be upgraded to Core i7 chip. It also facilitates Users to configure their laptop with up to 16GB of DDR4 memory and a 512GB SSD.

Release date and price of Latitude 11 5000, Latitude 12 7000 and Latitude 13 7000

The latitude series is going to deliver seamless technology experience and everyone is curious to know about its price. Before the launching of these latitude series its price was a matter of discussion among all the user. If we talk about Latitude 11 5000 then it is ready to buy. The Latitude 11 5000 is starting with a price of Rs. 59,999. On the other hand if we talk about the price of Latitude 12 7000 then it is going to open with a price of Rs. 87,999. At last when it comes about the price of Latitude 13 7000 then it is still not available. But it is saying that it would be ready to purchase in the month of April with a starting price of Rs. 79,999. Overall you will pay what you will gain. We can say that Dell has done justice with the price according to the features which these laptop consist.

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