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Dell Launches XPS 13 Developer Edition Notebook with Ubuntu

dell-xps-13-developer-editionDell is one of the most popular brand in the field of Laptop manufacturing. There is a good news for all the Dell fans that the company has revealed its latest XPS 13 Developer Edition Notebook with Ubuntu. It is a highly portable device which runs on Ubuntu and it has the ability to host several virtual system running at the same time. Ubuntu is one of the best open source software platform which now used in smartphone to tablet also. The XPS 13 is the fifth generation notebook and those who are not familiar with it should know that it is a part of the project sputnik. It is a solid mixture of hardware and software which results in innovative features and better performance. Dell is going to make this laptop available in three models which should be based on the different inbuilt storage and RAM configuration. The makers of this innovative laptop has said that it is maid after understanding the needs of developers who works in web companies which can offer them an open-source Laptop. It has received a wonderful review from the critics and users of Dell laptop.

XPS 13 Developer Edition: The Best featured Dell Laptop

The XPS 13 Developer Edition gives you ultimate screen performance with exact clarity that will not let your eyes strain. You can clearly see the content present on the screen from almost any angle without any problem. Even the sunlight can’t affect the screen and you can easily watch your favorite movies in sunlight. Overall it has an excellent screen with good resolution. Now you can operate the laptop from your finger as like your touch screen smartphone. It give the optional touch screen mode which you can use as your need. This new Dell laptop comes per-loaded with all the possible drivers which has already been tested on it. The body of this amazing device is made up of carbon fiber which are used in high performance cars in recent time. Overall the design is very cool and compact. You will be impressed with its decent boot time. The laptop comes with a docking port which powers the laptop and facilitate with dock functionality. The keyboard of the laptop is outstanding with a separate page-up and page-down button.It is going to give outstanding and super fast performance with 5th Generation Intel Core i5-5200U Processor with Intel Iris Graphics 540 GPU.

The best portable laptop

This light weighted laptop offers users power, performance and portability. The internal storage capacity of this innovative device is almost double than the Apple’s MacBook Pro. We can say it is a perfect device for intense 3D work because it is dedicated with graphics controller. The 52 WHr, 4-Cell Battery battery of XPS 13 Developer Edition is powerful which gives you upto 15 hrs of battery life. Compiling a software can consume your battery life fast, but its battery allows you to do it without worry. The touch-pad of the keyboard is also outstanding and has a nice texture. In other laptop’s touch-pad you will experience that whenever your palm touch the touch-pad the cursor move from it place but this laptop has fix the problem with touch-pad. It has also overcome from the issue of repeating keystroke. The portability of this laptop will get full marks because it fits perfectly in your satchel. The volume level is sufficient for listening music. Overall the XPS 13 Developer Edition is a notebook for those who wants something different. Its display is awesome, speed is super fast, keyboard and touch-pad are well designed, huge storage space and battery life is very good. It is for both the business professionals as well as normal users. The Ubuntu version which is used in this laptop is much smoother than previous version. If you want something different and want to give boost to your programming then the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Notebook is best for you.

Price of Dell Launches XPS 13 Developer Edition Notebook

There was many confusion about the price of this XPS 13 Developer Edition Notebook. However the company has not disclose all the details of this Laptop but it is clear that mobile workstations such as Precision 5510, Precision 3510, Precision 7710 and Precision 7510 come with Ubuntu options. The price is different for the different models according to the RAM and the inbuilt storage capacity. The company doesn’t yet announce the availability of this notebook but it is going to cost around Rs. 1,03,940. well the cost is not surprising according to the features and compatibility that it provides. You are paying for what you got. The version which includes 8 GB RAM of LPDDR3 and a storage capacity of 256 GB is going to cost approx Rs. 1,30,696 while the model having 16GB of RAM with 512GB of SSD storage is going to cost around Rs. 1,57,533.

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