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Dell Laptop Error Code : Reasons and Ways to Resolve it

UntitledDell is considered to be the best laptop which is used by many users to improvise their work. There are many users in world who are working efficiently with their Dell laptop. But when it comes to technology then we cannot predict anything and so with this laptop. As like other laptop issues can occur also on Dell Laptop which can create a great inconvenience in your important work. However you can face several kinds of error message in their laptop and if those errors cannot be fixed in a certain period then they can convert into serious issue. Some of the error occurs for short time and they automatically disappear but there are also some error message which can be very difficult to solve and if we ignore them then it can lead to serious risk. So in this post we are going to deal with some common but dangerous error message which you can face on your Dell laptop. So read this post carefully and it will guide you to fix the annoying Dell laptop error code.

Dell laptop error code 0146

s4Dell laptop error code 0146 is one of the most disturbing error code which can be faced by Dell users. Occurrence of the error code 0146 means that there is some problem with your hard drive and it is about to sunk. The big worry of this error is you can lose your important data. However this is a serious problem but there is not any reason to get panic because there are ways through which you can solve it. There maybe various reason behind this very error and one of them is virus attack. Yes, it is possible that your PC is infected by virus and it is causing the error. So the first step which you can take in resolving the issue to scan your PC for a virus and if found then remove it. But if no virus found then you can try to perform a clean boot. To perform a clean boot follow the below steps

  • First of all disconnect all the peripherals device from your laptop
  • Then turn it on and press the F8 key until the Windows logo comes
  • Now select Safe mode with networking from the options
  • Once the system restart go to the start option and open the System Configuration Utility by typing “msconfig” in the run.
  • In the Configuration Utility box click on general and select the selective startup
  • Now unmark the ‘Load Startup Items’ box and proceed with services
  • Then mark all the Hide All Microsoft Services box and click on disable
  • After that press apply and ok then restart your Laptop

After completing all the steps if you get success in resolving the issue then again go to the system configuration utility then click general. After that proceed with normal startup and restart your laptop. But if the error code still persist then you have to change the Hard disk to SATA drive. To do that go to your laptop BIOS setting to check if the hard disk is changed to AHCI SATA from SATA Drive. If you found it in AHCI SATA then change it to SATA drive. If you are still having the problem then you can take help of some technical experts.

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Dell laptop error code 0142

IMG_1781Dell laptop error code 0142 is one of the most annoying error which can occur on the Dell laptop. Sometime users fails to start their system properly after which it says them to start in safe mode. But after trying it in safe mode it till fails to start and when they try to ran diagnostic they will get the error code 0142 again. Well if you are getting the same issue then don’t get panic because there are several methods through which the error can be resolved. The first thing which you can do to solve the problem is by running a Windows startup repair. However this method can fix the problem for sometime but the problem can exist again. So if you want to fix the error completely then you have to give some more time in checking and fixing the error which you can do with the help of below mentioned steps

  • Go to start menu and double click on my computer
  • Now right click on the hard disk which you want to check and select properties
  • Now open the tool tab and mark the box check now under the error checking

After doing that you will get some option to go. To repair the problem automatically select the Automatically fix the system error. To start a disk check you can select Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. But if you want to check both the file system and hard disk then you can select the both option. After that start and follow all the prompted steps to fix the error. To prevent such type of error it is highly recommended to prevent your hard disk. Apart from that you can check your Windows registry and try to repair it because if the system cannot the required entries which need to startup the computer then you can also get the error code 0142. so it should be advantageous to regularly check and fix the registry related errors.

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