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Complete Guide to Fix Invalid Node Structure Error on Mac

image (1)Mac is counted in the most safest computer but sometime users have to face difficulty with it also. However there are several kinds of minor error which one can get on the Mac which can be fixed by using the Disk utility but the Invalid Node Structure Error is such kind of error which disk utility also fails to repair. There i no doubt that the Disk utility is the reliable utility and it is the first choice of users in order to fix the common Mac error but it is sad to say that it can’t fix all the error like this one. The disk utility can fix that problem for which it is developed for. The Invalid Node Structure Error is really a serious error which can’t be ignored and if it is not fixed soon then it can cause the hard disk behave weirdly. Lets consider a situation in which you turn on your Mac There are many Mac computer users who encounter this error and they don’t know the actual reason and how to fix it. This is a If you are also such an user then be focused on this post because it covers all about the error and steps to fix it.

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There are many cases in which Mac user come across the Invalid Node Structure Error. Because this error is cannot fixed by the disk utility so users are curious about the possibilities of getting rid of this frustrating error. Apart from that it is also not as simple as eating a piece of cake to create a backup of all your data on some external hard disk and then go for the re-installation of the operating system and all the other previously installed application to make your system as it was working before the occurrence of Invalid Node Structure Error. So all you can do is to copy all the data of your internal hard disk to some external and then clone all the data back to the internal drive. One thing which should be concerned that to always check the status of your hard disk and creating backup always proved advantageous as it helps us to recover from any issue easily.

How to fix the Invalid Node Structure Error on Mac

You can use the Disk utility or some external hard drive in order to copy your data and to save it form corruption. If the Invalid Node Structure Error is also bothering you then you can try the following guide to make your system run properly even after the error and to get your computer backup


Step 1 :- The first thing which you can do to solve the error is to connect a firewire to your Mac system. After that create two partition on the disk with the help of disk utility and zero out all the files stored on it. Users can create a partition and named it “A” which should be bigger than the size of your internal hard disk and also create a small partition names as “B” around 8 GB so that it can hold a basic OS X package.

Step 2 :- In the second step we had to perform the installation of OS X on the partition B as mentioned in the first step. But before you do this make sure that there are no application installed on the drive like iPhoto, iTunes etc. After that try booting your Firewire drive and be sure that it works properly. Now boot your Mac by using the internal drive and then run the ‘Verify Disk’ features of the Disk utility for checking the firewire drive errors. If it works fine then you can proceed for the next step.

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Step 3 :- Boot your Mac using the partition A and copy all the essential programs and useful files from the internal drive of the Mac to this partition. You can easily do it by using the Migration assistant. Now the firewire drive shows the two administrator of the and you have to use that user ID which you use on the internal disk. Ignore the errors reported by Migration assistant such as some of the program need to be installed again. Once the Migration assistant has done the importing you can find all the folders on the desktop of your PC.

Step 4 :- Before moving forward make sure that all the imported program using the Migration assistant are working properly. It can be done by running the program one by one for cheeking errors. Now ensure that everything is imported to the Firewire drive. After that boot using partition “A” and empty your internal hard drive using Disk utility. After that restart your Mac by using the partition “B” now clone the partition “A” on a bigger partition on your internal hard disk. Now boot your system using the partition and check for errors.

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