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Common Issues Related with Macbook Air and How to Fix them

The MacBook Air is a series of Macintosh computer which comes with lots of new features and it is used by many users around the globe. However Mac computers are considered to be the safe and secure system in the world but unfortunately like other computer it is also not free from issues. Users can get different type of errors in their Macbook Air. Some of them can be easily solved but other need expertise to solve. Apart form that getting issues on your Macbook Air can vigorously interrupt their work. So today we are going to discuss about such problems which you can get on your Macbook Air and also try to find out how can we deal with them. So keep reading the post…

Unable to turn my MacBook Air on

image (19)There might be many issue on your computer but the most annoying one is not able to turn it on . It is very common thing that if we can’t turn our computer on then we can not do anything with it. So if you are also facing the annoying situation where you are not able to turn on your Macbook Air then don’t be panic and continue reading. First of all you have to check that your Macbook Air is completely turn off or not. In some the screen goes off and users think that the Macbook Air has also turned off. Apart from that there are some more thing which you have to make sure like pushing power button is making the chiming noise or not, is the caps lock key still light up. If you find these things true then there might be problem with your screen. But if your MacBook is totally off and refuses to turn on, then you have to check for power problems first. Check whether your battery is charged or not. Also you have to check that your laptop works or not if the power chord is plugged in. Apart from that you can also check after disconnecting all the peripherals from your Macbook and find out if this helps to fix the issue. If any of the mentioned instruction fails to help in fixing the problem then try to reset the MacBook. To reset it hold down the power button for few second and see the computer starts or not. If you have added some other internal or external memory then sometime removing the upgrades can also solve the problem.

WI-FI has stopped working

image (20)One of the disturbing issue which you can get on your Macbook Air as well as other computer is not working of the WI-FI. Consider a situation when you are doing some important online work and suddenly your WI-FI has stopped working. If you are facing this issue continuously then it may be due to outdated software so try to install all the software updates which are available on your Mac computer. If you are using some third party Wi-Fi router then make sure that the manufacturer has installed the latest firmware or not. Some network issue may arise due to disconnected or loose cable. So if your WI-FI has stopped working then you can verify that all the power and Ethernet cables are connected between your Wi-Fi router and modem are correct. Also verify that you are using the recommended setting for access point and Wi-Fi routers. If you are still getting the problem then you can try after restarting all your network device. If you are using a dual-band router, then try to connect with the 5GHz band because this band has a shorter range which is free from interference, and it can help you to fix problems with spotty Wi-Fi.

Flashing question mark on startup

image (21)As like other issue Flashing question mark on startup is also an infuriating problem which you can get while using your MacBook Air. Generally the question mark appears for few moment but after that it continues to startup. If you are aslo facing this irritating problem then don’t be frustrated. Here you will find the best troubleshooting steps to solve the issue. In order to resolve the Flashing question mark on startup you will need to reselect your startup disk in the system preferences. If you don’t know how to reselectstartup disk then you can follow the below mentioned steps

  • Go to Apple menu and select System preferences
  • Now click on the Startup disk icon in the system preferences window.
  • After that click on the volume icon which you select to startup your Mac computer
  • Close the system preference window and restart your system

After applying these steps if you are still getting the question mark on your MacBook then there should be some more reason behind this. Sometime the problem occurs when there is not enough RAM. So if you have insufficient RAM then it is possible that you can get this issue. So if the problem arise due to insufficient RAM then you can solve it by increasing the RAM or downgrading to an older OS which requires less RAM. Apart form that you can also get this error when there is some issue with your hard drive. If your hard drive is corrupted, erased or damaged then it can bring such problems. So if your hard disk is corrupted then replacing it can resolve the question mark issue.

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