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The Most Common Driver Error Codes and their Solution

image (25)Graphics and Video Drivers act as an interpreter between your operating system and graphic or video card. In other word we can also say that these allows operating system to communicate with the graphic and the video card which are installed on your laptop. However while using laptop users can get several types of issues related to these drivers which comes in the form of error code. Most of the error occurs due to corrupted, missing and outdated required driver. However some of the error can be resolved by using the device manager which is the inbuilt utility of operating system. But some errors are not so easy to solve. Users can get several types of error but today we are here to discuss the common error which can occur due to graphic card and also try to find out their troubleshooting steps.

Reinstall the drivers for this device. (Code 18)

image (26)Error code 18 is one of the most annoying error which users can encounter. Users who are suffering from error code 18 can get this message Do not despair because Re-install the drivers for this device displayed on their screen. It is very difficult to tell which process is causing this very error. Your laptop start crashing after the error code 18 appears, windows respond very late to any given input by peripheral device like mouse or keyword, it freezes for some time etc. Well there should be many possible reason behind the occurrence of this error code. The most common reason should be the incorrectly configured, corrupted or old device driver. Apart from that there should be some more reason like registry corruption due to recent change in the software, virus attack, faulty hardware or confliction of driver after installing some new drivers. In order to fix the error code 18 the first thing which you can do is to update your device driver. To update the driver you can follow the below mentioned steps

  • First right click on the device
  • It will open the device properties window
  • Now click on the driver tab and select update driver
  • After that follow the direction and the prompts

If the update doesn’t work for you then re-install the driver by the help of device manager. To re-install the driver you can go to the device manager and then choose the option to uninstall the driver. After that scan for the new hardware and then follow the directions to install the driver. Once the re-install is complete then restart your PC. If you have tried these troubleshooting steps and the problem still persist then there might be corruption in your registry which can be diagnose by using some third party software or taking the help of professional.

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This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)

image (27)It is also one of the most common driver error which you can face in your computer. Users suffering from this error can get a message that This device is not configured correctly. Well, if you are getting this error code 1 then it might be possible that your laptop or computer has not the installed the latest updated drivers or not have correct drivers installed for some peripheral or external device. In order to resolve the issue you can install the latest updated driver. To do that you have to click on the “update driver” button. Once you click on the button then the update wizard will guide you through step by step process to download the most current driver. You will have to follow the prompts and it will install the latest updated version. But ins some cases updating the driver is not sufficient to fix the problem, in such cases you have to take some additional steps. The another steps which you can take regarding to solve the issue is to check for the hardware device documentation. If you have the documentation copy then you can follow it regarding driver updates and installation. After completing the driver installation process successfully the error will end prompting on your screen.

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The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

Error Code 28Error code 28 is one of the device manger error which has disturbed many computer users across the world. Users suffering from this error will get a message displayed on their screen which is The drivers for this device are not installed. This issue is most faced by the Windows users but it could occur due to some incompatibility issue also. Generally this error occurs when the system is trying to install a new device driver and it fails to do that. If you are also facing the same error then the first thing which you can do it to update your drivers. To update your driver, go to control panel and select the device manager. After that choose the device which is not working. Now right click and choose the update driver software. Wait till the process complete and after that restart your computer. If this method not help in fixing the error code 28 then we have to think about some other option. Another step which we can take in order to resolve the issue is by re-installing the drivers. To re-install the drivers you can use the following steps

  • Go to control panel and then device manager
  • Select the device which is not working
  • After that right click on it and select remove
  • In the device manager click on the add a new hardware tab
  • Follow the directions and complete the installation
  • Restart your system

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