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Cant Find MP4 Files after Error 1720 on HP Notebook

repair-mp4-filesAre you unable to find mp4 files after Error 1720 in your HP laptop? Well, no need to worry because this guide will provide you effective steps which can be helpful in recovering mp4 files after hard disk error. Hp notebooks has been used globally by many users to enhance their computing work. But it is miserable thing that users can get several kinds of error on it and the thing become worst when the error is due to hard disk problem. Error 1720 is one of the most disturbing error which can pop-up on your HP notebook. If this error is not resolved quickly then it can result in the loss of all the files sored on it including the mp4 files. Most of the HP laptop contains SMART capable hard drive which is a technology that display error related to hard drive failure.

Well there are many other reason which can delete mp4 files from HP laptop like accidental deletion of files, formatting the hard drive, attack of severe virus and more. But you don’t have to worry because after still there are ways to recover your MP4 files. Appearing of Error 1720 generally indicates that hard drive is failure. Many time updating the hard drive firmware has also resolved the error so you can also try to update it. If your hard disk is also enabled with MSRT feature then you can get an opportunity to backup your data before the hard drive get failure. However occurrence of the error is clear indication of hard drive failure but if you want to use the same drive then you must aware from the fact that it can fail at any time. You can defragment your hard disk to move the files to some other drive. To do that you can use the following steps

  • Go to the start button and click on the computer
  • Now open the properties of the hard drive by right clicking on hard drive icon
  • After that click on the tool tabs and after that click on defragment
  • Now click on Defragment now to start the process

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It is always beneficial to have a backup of all your files so that whenever you get stuck in this kind of situation then you can easily recover your files. So if you also have backup of your mp4 videos then you can get them easily. But there are many users who never though about creating backup and they get stuck in these types of data loss situation. so it is always advised to always check your hard drive otherwise you can also lost your precious file without any warning.

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